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Design: ADDIE for AP&L

Design Consideration for the AP&L Games Based Learning Curriculum 

So how did we, Quality for Life, a Knowledge Management, Management Consultancy harness games for learning? We pioneered and piloted a game based learning curriculum from foreign leading education practitioners. We created the Act, Play & Learn (AP&L) Curriculum that is made of:

  1. UAE focused objectives: Vision 2030 Knowledge Development Goals
  2. ADEC focused Standards
  3. Common Core Standards (USA)
  4. Whole Child Approach
  5. Affective Learning
  6. STEM integrated
  7. Reinforcing Global Citizenship
  8. Reinforcing Entrepreneurship
  9. Developing Vocational Skills
  10. Developing Special Needs Vocational Skills
  11. Senior Community Inclusion
  12. Covering core disciplines: ESTEEM GAMES Ethics, Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Sciences, Math, Global Citizenship, Art, Music, Engineering, health Sciences)
  13. Active Assessments™ for evidencing learning goal achievement.



The main epistemology behind the game development, as opposed to lesson development is the ADDIE Model: The Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. Efforts to ensure the inclusion of Cognitive, Behavioral, and Constructivist and Social Learning theories have been established throughout each game. The main motivations in response to the Motivation Theories is the fun and entertainment aspect of the games that have a serious learning goal. The games coax the learner to perform and retain new skills and knowledge in a novel, intuitive and sometimes mysterious environment. Implementation stage will report the effectiveness of pilot games and the formative and summative evaluation results. 


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