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Introducing AP&L 5.0


Monah"Web 3.0 is a common human-technology interaction platform for information exhange and knowledge development. By adding two essential layers to Web 3.0, the AP&L Model redirects knowledge management to a structured format. Pedagogical intervention and Language & Culture influences are the additional two layers that govern the free-form learning popular over the internet. Additionally, by using gamifiying features to motivate participants, the APL 5.0 environment creates a UAE situated interpretations, connotations and divergence of active exchange of ideas amongst Emiratis and Expats living in UAE and overseas."

Monah Al Junaibi founder of Quality for Life, Program Manager of UAE National Games and Pioneer of Gammification in UAE   

The Act, Play and Learn Academy is based on a revolutionary game-based learning curriculum. It has unique features that allows instructors to convert a lesson into a game. The UAE National Games is the direct application of the AP&L Curriculum. The games developed are based on UAE Vision 2030 Knowledge Development goals. All games are grouped into well-defined pedagogical genres: ESTEEM GAMES. 


E Ethics E Environmental Sciences G Global Citizenship E Engineering
S Science E Entrepreneurship A Art S health Sciences
T Technology M Math M Math    

All games are based on specific learning goals. Learning goals and objectives vary with age level of the learner. Hence the AP&L Curriculum is designed to accomodate scaffolding of the same learning concept in a School, University and Corproate learner. For ease of game selection purposes, we have grouped these games into categories


Who said only kids can play? These games are developed for everyone! Log into the UAE National Games website to visit each category!

  • Team Games
  • Individual Games
  • Ladies Games
  • Super Seniors
  • Special Needs
  • Project Marathons
  • Family Games
  • Kids Games

While the AP&L Academy improvises innovations and best practiices in educational gaming, the UAE National Games implements these theories in the form of a national event. This is a first of its kind gaming event in UAE. All games are physical games, but will have their online counterparts ready in the near future. Online game versions will support the mobile learning trend and also prepare learners to play well (physically) during the event. 


We do all learning in the form of Games. We plan to have a gamerooms instead of classrooms. We wont have tables and chairs. We will have gaming props for the class. Our gamerooms will be arranged according to genres (ESTEEM GAMES) All related props and game kits are in one class. Similar age groups in a session. 

So we don't have lectures and notes and power points.
We have the game demo video
We have the game briefing
We play the game
We have Active Assessments
And we have Final Exam in the form of Game Event.
So learning is no longer limited to books or online media. It is learning in action and learning by doing.
The AP&L Academy will create personalized learning experiences for all enrollees. We plan to integrate a Learning Management System (LMS) and develop an AP&L and UNG 5.0 website.
I am sure ACTVET and all don't have it.