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No matter what disicipline you choose, science will always be at your sevice. There are basic concepts in every chapter that need to be internalized before effective performance in later years. Science is the fabric of life. Without its understanding, knowledge about anything else is incomplete. The AP&L Model uses cognitive and constructivist models to create a social learning environment that motivates a learner through curiosity and inquiry. The AP&L Model has created the following types of games in the feild of science:


  1. Role Play: Deeper understanding of concept elements, by personifying the element. 
  2. Competitive Games: Individual and Team games to beat previous scores in Active Assessments. 
  3. Cooperative Games: Combined group game to accomplish a task in a particualr time frame. 
  4. Simulation Games: Artificial "real environment" to test out scientific hypothesis and their rationale

How to Play?

Watch this page for more Lesson to Game conversions. Watch the demo videos and play in your learning environment. 

Game Examplesvideo