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Objectives: What will the AP&L do for UAE


Why Act, Play& Learn in the UAE National Games is good for the Education Sector in UAE

We wont go into statistics. We wont talk about the educational and work performance status of the citizens of UAE. We have a curriculum that creates educational and work related games customized for UAE. You read it right, G-A-M-E-S. Is there anything more motivating than Games in the field of education and training? Anything that makes you want to go to school, university or work, every day, without being tardy or absent? We don’t think digital games measure up. Technology and the entertainment associated with it has sensitized even the babies. We want fun, we want physical activity, we want competitions, we want scores, we want to win. We want to play games! And we want to do it every day.

And we wont talk about the health benefits of moving around more in a day. We wont mention the obesity statistic of UAE either!

Objectives of the AP&L Curriculum: Custmizing Learning Goal-based games for UAE

The following are the core values of the UAE National Games:

  • Reduce biases and stereotypes between the unique UAE Culture and the Expat population.
  • Reinforce the history of UAE.
  • Promote self-actualization in the Emirati Individual (explained in the next section).
  • Develop games that need disciplined practice.
  • Develop impulse-based participation games.
  • Improve focus and attention to detail.
  • Bring out leadership skills
  • Direct desirable behaviour towards environmental preservation.
  • Inculcate team collaboration and effective communication
  • Encourage entrepreneurship.
  • Provide directions for responsible and pro-active social behaviour towards the development of the country.
  • Improve confidence and risk taking
  • Tap into hidden potential and encourage hiring by government and private sectors
  • Add to the spirit and efforts of Watani



Want to learn more about this curriculum? Visit the website.

Cannot believe your eyes? Yes its true. Visit the UAE National Games website. It has games that will suit your needs. All games strictly adhere to the AP&L Curriculum.

Did we mention that we are undergoing accreditation? At the end of each game, all 

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