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The AP&L Internship Offer



Good news for all pre-service teachers. The AP&L Academy is offering an internship opportunity for all pre-service undergradiate and graduate level teachers. Our unique game-based learning program creates games for the learning environment. We harness the human behavior patterns from the 40 year old video gaming industry. Human beings are motivated by a sense of power and control over their learning, mastering new concepts and skills, sharing accomplishments with peers and family, setting higher goals and ultimately acheiving them. The life of an individual is a repeated cycle of such motivation stimulated behaviors. With powerful human motivation features in our games, we want YOU, the pre-service teachers to faciliate these games in a learning environment. 

We will train you to become a facilitator (5 hours). You will then be eligible to play these games with learners and evidence their learning in the form of Active Asessments TM (200 hours). 


Games for Change: 2014 Games Festival



Games for Change is a vibrant community of game-based learning entusiasts. They are hosting a 2014 Game Festival for best ideas in learning games. Our team members will be present in the festival to advocate the "Lesson to Game" design principles in game-based learning. Join the fun at: http://gamesforchange.org/festival2014/


ASSURE Lesson: The Game to Lesson Challenge



Identifying the taxonomy in fuzzy game rules is intimidating. However, there are key areas in a lesson that can be used to create a game with the same learning goal as the lesson. Attend our exclusive LEsson to Game Challenge Workshop by AP&L. Watch this page for details soon. 


Serious Games Academy: Latest in Game Design



The AP&L Academy is based on best practices in design and development of Serious games. His paper, " The research and evaluation of serious games: Toward a comprehensive methodology" discusses about the nature of evaluation criteria needed for testing out serious games. The author discusses the kind of evaluation strategies to be employed when evaluating the effectiveness of Serious Games. Factors such as the features and design model to be used when designing games are also discussed in this paper. 


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