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 Active AssessmentsTM No more paper assessments!


 Active Assessments™: Facilitators observe game performance of each player and fill out Active Assessment Sheet that records the level of achievement of major learning objectives of the game.


1: poor  2: satisfactory  3: good  4: excellent 5: gifted/exceptional

Major Learning Objectives: What are the major learning goals of the game?

TOTAL POINTS: 25 (5 for each objective)

What are the Vision 2030 Knowledge Development goals in this game?

TOTAL Points: 25 (5 for each objective)

What standards are addressed? (School and University performance gaps (national and international testing))

TOTAL Points: 25 (5 for each objective)

 Affective learning features (self-esteem, self-actualization, ambition, will power, intrinsic motivation, patriotism)

TOTAL Points: 25 (5 for each objective)

Whole Child approach (balancing culture, UAE heritage, language, UAE resources, innovations, foreign influences )

TOTAL Points: 25 (5 for each objective)

Note: this section applied to the game when the product is developed by the team and not given by the facilitator for selling.

The use of STEM in designing and presenting product

TOTAL Points: 20 (5 for each objective)

Reinforcing Entrepreneurship

TOTAL Points: 10 (5 for each objective)

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